And the winner is...Kansas Day 3

The final day of the California Raisin Bread Competition. What an exciting day. I wont tell you about beingawake at 3:30 am. Nor will I tell you how I forgot my socks and one of the judges told me I had better get my socks and that Ted had to save the day pertaining to both socks and pans. Yes, pans. Ted had to get to Wal-Mart and purchase four 9X13 cake pans. These days, with regards to choosing a tub, the options are nearly limitless. Options include soakers and whirlpools; classic claw-footed versions; contoured designs, ovals, squares, and rounded; tubs with throat rests and armrests; tubs set into platforms; and tubs you step down into-or even walk into. Consider how you would like the bath to end up being installed within that area. The tub you choose will regulate how it gets installed For instance for seniors plus some disabled a walk-in tub might be a better choice than your convenientional bath tub. For others a luxurius tub made of stone like tiger's eyes or sapphire usually can be found in oval or rectangular shapes. These days picking a tub for your personality and comfort is simply as important as functionality. All of this variety comes at a price, so it’s vital that you remember that the total price of a tub will reflect the quantity of technology involved along with the type of finish and material.

The AIB didnt have the 11 X 15 I needed (with 2 sides) and neither did Wal-Mart. I made the best out of what we could get. This is what I will tell you

The excitement of watching all other bakers craft their delicious breads..




The nervousness I felt when my dough began rising out of control and I had a good 45 minutes left of proofing time. The relief I felt when first, my 9 x 13 pans arrived and second, when I pulled my dough from the box and it felt beautiful under my hands. PERFECT!

I was semi relieved when it was finally my time for the oven and I watched my pans go around and around while baking in the reel oven


The pan above is the one sheet pan I used from AIB. It produced flat buns so I was relieved that Ted was able to get me the cake pans which allowed the finished product Im used to seeing.



The photographer made me feel great because after he finished photographing my buns, and they certainly werent as ornate as some .


the photographer said that mine resulted in his favorite photograph so far. I asked why and was told it was because they looked like you could taste the bun from the photo. YAY ME! . unfortunately, he was not the judge.


More great breads were presented





DSC02102 DSC02099

It was time to be judged


No telling what happened in there but my fingers were crossed.

Ted and I left AIB for a 2 + mile walk back to the hotel, stopping along the way at the Museum of Art on the K-State campus where a giant red glass sculpture of wheat hangs in the large window. It glows bright red when lit up at night.


Upon reaching the hotel, we swam for half an hour, enjoyed the hot tub and sauna then decided it was time for refreshmentor was it celebration no matter what the outcome

DSC02114 DSC02116

Dinner at The Train Station and the Awards Banquet..drum roll please..

The presentation of breads



Delicious food (my favorite was the strawberry, walnut, feta salad and a deliciously sweet dessertwith raisins of course

DSC02121 DSC02123

Now for the awards. All finalists received a medal and a plaque

DSC02125 DSC02126

The event was so much fun and a terrific learning experience. That is what I take home with me. Im not a Grand Prize winner so Ted and I will have to make our own plans for our next trip to California. You can bet that when we do, we will be visiting the Fresno area for further research on the California Raisin Growing market.

Congratulations to all the winners. There were some AMAZING breads by very, VERY talented individuals. A group photo shoot of the judges in front, the Grand Prize winners and all the other winning finalists.


Next year, anyone who bakes bread, check out the California Raisin Board for a chance to experience this great opportunity.

Score a great medal if you are one of the lucky finalists (they are increasing the finalists from 35 to 40 something next year)


and after the awards banquet, dont forget to grab yourself a loaf (or two) of some of the best raisin bread the best bakers can bake. Oh! and a Mr. Raisin plush toy.


Thanks to the California Raisin Board. Fantastic experience.

Thinking of next year already, what flavors and/or produce do you associate with California?


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